How to Use AI Tools to Boost Your SEO Performance and Rankings

The technique of making a website or webpage more visible and relevant in organic search results is known as search engine optimisation (SEO). Your internet business can benefit from increased traffic, leads, and conversions thanks to SEO.

However, SEO may also be difficult and time-consuming, particularly when you have to deal with competitors, user behaviour, and algorithm changes that happen frequently. To assist them with their SEO approach, many marketers and business owners are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) products.

The field of computer science known as artificial intelligence (AI) is concerned with developing tools or software that are capable of learning, analysing, and solving problems—tasks that typically require human intelligence. You can automate, analyse, and improve a number of steps in your SEO process with the aid of AI, including keyword research, content development, voice search, and user experience.

This article will demonstrate how you may improve your SEO performance and ranks in 2023 by using AI tools. Several of the top AI SEO tools will also be shared with you so you may use them for your online business.

How to Use AI Tools to Boost Your SEO Performance and Rankings

How AI Can Help You with SEO

AI can help you with SEO in many ways, such as:

AI can help you find the best keywords and topics for your content.

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems can analyse a lot of data from social media, search engines, and other sources to find the most profitable keywords and subjects for your niche. AI tools can also propose similar keywords, inquiries, and subtopics that you can employ to develop thorough and interesting content that satisfies the requirements and intentions of your audience.


AI can help you create high-quality and optimized content.

Based on your keywords and subjects, artificial intelligence (AI) systems may produce unique and interesting material for your website or blog. By using meta tags, headings, photos, links, and other features that can enhance your ranking signals, AI tools can also optimise your content for SEO. Additionally, AI systems may analyse your writing for readability, plagiarism, grammar, spelling, and voice inflection.

AI can help you optimize your website for voice search.

As more people use voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant to conduct online searches, voice search is becoming a more prominent trend in SEO. Because voice searches are typically lengthier, more conversational, and more detailed than standard text-based searches, SEO must be approached differently. By analysing voice questions, producing natural language responses, and producing structured data and schema markup that can assist your website appear in voice search results, AI technologies can help you optimise your website for voice search.

AI can help you improve your user experience.

User experience (UX) is a crucial component of SEO since it has an impact on how users engage with your website and how search engines assess its value and relevancy. By offering insights into user behaviour, preferences, feedback, and satisfaction, AI tools can help you improve your UX. Based on user data and segments, AI tools can also assist you in customising the content and look of your website. AI solutions can also assist you in reducing bounce rates, enhancing website security, and speeding up page loading times.

Best AI SEO Tools for 2023

You may support various facets of your SEO approach using a variety of AI SEO solutions that are now on the market. The top ones that you ought to think about employing in 2023 are highlighted below:

Jasper: An AI writing helper named Jasper can produce blog posts, emails, and other written marketing materials that are search engine optimised. All you need to do is give the AI some seed words and specify the voice tone you want to use. Jasper will then process the data to produce phrases, paragraphs, or complete postings. Users can select from more than 50 templates in Jasper, along with additional useful tools like auto-save, plagiarism detection, brand voice modification, and multi-user login.

AlliAI: An AI-powered SEO tool called AlliAI enables users to quickly optimise their website for SERPs. The performance of your website is examined by AlliAI, which then offers suggestions for areas that could be made better. Additionally, AlliAI supports you in generating meta tags, tracking your ranks, monitoring your backlinks, finding the most relevant keywords for your niche, and more.

Rock Content: You can create engaging and relevant content for your audience using the AI-powered Rock Content content marketing platform. Rock Content makes it simple to create subject clusters that respond to user inquiries and raise your search engine ranking. In addition to many other things, it enables you to choose the right content length for your particular subject, make effective use of keywords and LSI keywords, develop catchy headlines, prepare your content for voice search, track the effectiveness of your content, and much more.

Neil Patel: Entrepreneur and well-known specialist on digital marketing, Neil Patel offers a variety of AI SEO tools on his website. Ubersuggest is one of these tools; it helps with keyword research, competitive analysis, and content optimisation. Additionally, there are tools like the SEO Analyzer to audit your website and fix SEO problems, the Backlink Checker to locate and evaluate your backlinks, and the SEO Training to learn about SEO best practises and techniques.

How to Use AI SEO Tools for Your Online Business

You may boost the functionality and search rankings of your website by using AI SEO tools, but to make the most of them, you must adhere to some recommended practises. You can use the following procedures to put AI SEO techniques into practise for your online business:

Analyze your current SEO performance.

You must have a thorough awareness of your present SEO scenario before adopting AI SEO technologies. You must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of your website, as well as your target keywords and subject areas, rivals, and objectives. The performance of your website may be thoroughly analysed using tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMrush, and problem areas can be found.

Choose the right AI SEO tools for your needs. 

You can choose from a range of AI SEO tools that can assist you with various areas of your SEO approach, depending on your goals and budget. You can use tools like AlliAI and Neil Patel's Ubersuggest for keyword research and website optimisation, tools like Rock Content and Neil Patel's SEO Analyzer for voice search optimisation, and tools like Jasper and Rock Content for creating and optimising content. For maximum results, you can also combine many distinct tools.

Monitor and adjust your AI-driven SEO strategy

Utilising AI SEO techniques is a continuous process. You must continually keep an eye on the functionality and search rankings of your website, as well as any changes to user behaviour, search algorithms, and rivalry. You must track your metrics and KPIs, including traffic, conversions, bounce rate, dwell time, click-through rate, and others, using tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, and others. To assess the quality and relevancy of your material, you should also leverage feedback from your audience, such as comments, reviews, ratings, etc. You need to modify your AI-driven SEO approach in light of the data and feedback.


AI is revolutionising SEO, and in 2023, it can help you improve the functionality and search rankings of your website. You can automate, analyse, and optimise a number of steps in your SEO process with AI SEO technologies, including keyword research, content development, voice search, and user experience.

AI SEO solutions are not a silver bullet that can ensure success, though. You still need a firm grasp of the principles, techniques, and best practises of SEO. You also need to have a comprehensive understanding of your objectives, target market, industry, and rivals. Most essential, your content must have a human touch to be distinctive, interesting, and reliable.

AI SEO tools are not intended to take the place of human ingenuity and innovation. They are intended to improve them. You may develop a potent SEO plan that can help you get outstanding results for your online business by fusing human inventiveness and AI assistance.


What is AI SEO?

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are used in SEO (search engine optimisation) to automate, analyse, and improve various SEO (search engine optimisation) processes, including keyword research, content generation, voice search, and user experience.

What are some of the best AI SEO tools that I can use in 2023?

The top artificial intelligence (AI) SEO tools for 2023 include Neil Patel, Jasper, AlliAI, Rock Content, and Neil. These tools can assist you with several facets of your SEO strategy, including voice search optimisation, keyword research, website optimisation, and content development and optimisation.

How do I use AI SEO tools for my online business?

You must adhere to certain best practises in order to employ AI SEO tools for your online business, including analysing your existing SEO performance, selecting the appropriate AI SEO tools for your requirements, and monitoring and updating your AI-driven SEO plan. Additionally, you must possess a thorough knowledge of the principles, techniques, and best practises of SEO. Most essential, your content must have a human touch to be distinctive, interesting, and reliable.

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